About Chaz Digital and Why We Are Digital Marketing Consultants



Chris Hubbard Chaz Digital co-founder
I’m Chris Hubbard, one of the co-founders Chaz Digital Marketing of San Antonio.

Several years ago, search engine optimization was easy and digital marketing wasn’t even a buzzword.  Getting a site to the top of the SERP didn’t take much more than blasting your money site with some links using GSA-SER.

In that Wild West era of digital marketing is where we earned our “spurs,” if you will.  We had several e-commerce sites, affiliate sites, and micro-niche AdSense sites.  All of them were moderately successful. Until Google took some steps to reduce the effectiveness of blackhat SEO techniques and announced the Panda update.

Like many other sites which were affected by Panda, our sites were hit too. Only instead of losing rankings and dropping down the SERP, our sites jumped closer to #1, often as many as 50 positions in a single day!

What was so different about our sites that we didn’t suffer like others did?

Want to hear what secret marketing strategies led to us dominating the search rankings?

It wasn’t what we did or the various SEO tactics that we were using.

Contrary to the trends at the time, we believed in creating quality sites, that were helped our readers. We still believe that and strive to use proven, high-quality digital marketing strategies and techniques that WORK and provide our customers with quality rankings and increased traffic, which leads to more customers and business.

Drop us a message and find out for yourself about the quality SEO and digital marketing work that we do.

We’re not just a San Antonio SEO company. While San Antonio is our home, (technically it’s Live Oak), we can provide our digital marketing services to customers around the world.

If you have any of these we can help you get more traffic, find more leads, and most importantly,  earn more business:

  • increase traffic to my website,
  • get more readers on my blog,
  • e-commerce site optimization,
  • improve my social media marketing,
  • Amazon store,
  • YouTube SEO,
  • affiliate site marketing

If you have a project or idea that you’d like to have us check out, please shoot us a message via our contact form and we’ll respond within 24 hrs.