SEO Advice Quick Review:  I’m in a Unique Niche, How Would You Promote My Site?

Recently on Facebook a person asked “Would appreciate some feedback on my new website. I am hoping to officially launch this next week when I get my logo finished….”

I’m not going to share their link because their site is still in development, but I will share here what I wrote so that the world can benefit from the advice.

I’m going to try and turn this into a weekly review/SEO/digital marketing advice column.

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How To Do Marketing for a Wedding Entertainment Agency?


wedding entertainment keyword list
Some keyword research from the Google Keyword Planner

The site that I looked at was for an wedding entertainment business in the UK.

The site is still being developed but there’s are still several things that could be done which would help the business really take off.

Here’s some of the top UK keywords for Wedding Entertainment.

Info was pulled from the Google Keyword Planner and was Geo-located to the United Kingdom.

I’m just posting the image here so for those that are curious.

I was surprised to see that “wedding magician” had a search volume of 880/month.

As happens a lot when you do SEO, I found myself checking the keyword and the SERPs page.

It’s interesting to note that it gets more monthly searches than other related terms.

I used the keyword research tool at, I works great for a quick search like this.

In addition, it also gives a quick review of the SERPs page so that you can judge the difficulty of a keyword.

Checking the Keyword Difficulty For the Sake of Curiosity

A quick visit to and I’ve got a search volume and quick analysis of the SERP.


Related keywords to “Wedding Entertainment” UK


How would you promote a site in the wedding entertainment niche?

For the sake of this article I’m assuming that this is a new business/site which may have had a gig or two prior to this, but this will be the first time with a digital marketing expert.

Before I do any type of recommendation to a client or random FB friend about their site I put myself in a potential client’s shoes.

Why is the potential client shopping or vising the site?

  1. They are looking for someone to be entertainment for an upcoming wedding.
  2. They were recently at a wedding and saw one of the performers and want to learn more about the wedding/ the performer.
  3. Randomly got to the page, but wanted to see more about what the site is about.

Three reasonable assumptions about the traffic either on the page, or soon to to visit, but why does it matter?

Weddings are very emotional times, and they’re supposed to the perfect day for the newlyweds.

What would be the best way to use that to our advantage?


Digital Marketing: Thinking Outside of the Box

Instead of having a site with the same boring pictures of wedding entertainers, there should be videos of each entertainer at the peak of their act giving a show so amazing that it needs to be watch and shared by everyone.

I know what you’re thinking, and trying to get a high-quality promotional video of a fire dancer or wedding magician does cost a large amount of money.

But here’s how you think outside of the box in this niche.

This method would work  for anyone’s niche, but it might be harder to find a quality photographer.

Leveraging Your Friends, Family, and that Random Person You Always See Everywhere But You Don’t Know Who the Hell They Are

Getting high-quality promo videos created for your wedding entertainment site is as easy as asking the wedding photographer that is already there to take the wedding photos.

This does require a small amount of work, but nothing major.

Talk to the photographer and work out a deal where you post them on the your wedding entertainment site.

It’s a good way for the photographer to get new/more leads, with a small amount of work for them..

Then, once you have the video, you post it to your site YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc..

You’ve got something to show potential clients who visit your site exactly what they could expect from hiring one of your entertainers.

And there’s the social proof of someone else having hired you.


How Would You Promote A Performing Artist?


Every time you send one of your artists to a gig they should be doing a few different things which will add up to really grow your social media presence and your business.

Before beginning every gig for a client the artist should check in on social media.

(Not the full info, but at least tag the newlywed couple’s accounts.)

They should also take a selfie in front of the cake and include the #mybusinessname hashtag.

Save those pictures to be used on those weeks where business is slow.

It becomes much easier to post on social media when you have something to post.

Don’t forget to tag the bride and groom so your picture get’s shown to their network.

Bonus points if you use this to create an automatic posting schedule 

How Do I Get Product Reviews if Most of the People Who See Me Perform Won’t Ever Leave A Review?

This is an advanced technique that I haven’t heard anyone else say that they’re doing, but this works to get real testimonials and reviews for live performances.

In fact, you’ve seen it before, but probably not on social media.

In between performances, take a few minutes and use your phone to do a quick interview of people who saw your performance.

Just ask them two questions “Did you like the show?” and “Would you recommend this to someone?”

That’s all.

Unless you completely ruined the wedding, nobody should say anything negative.

If possible get a video with the bride in her dress answering the same questions.

Don’t be pushy though, the bride has a million other things on her mind and you are at the bottom of that list.

Post the videos to your social media and save them all so that you can create a customer testimonial compilation after you’ve gotten 10-20.

I guarantee that having a testimonial and reviews of your business like this will get you more business than you know what to do with.

Do You Think These 3 Tips to Promote a Wedding Entertainer Business Work?

Summarizing everything in one spot for the Cliff Notes version, here’s 3 quick and easy ways to improve a wedding entertainment SEO consulting agency.

  • Offer a wedding photographer customer leads in exchange for them taking a video and pictures that you can use on your site and social media networks.
  • Have your performers check into social media and take pictures of themselves and the wedding cake and bride.  Leverage those images year round to maintain a presence across the social media channels that your audience uses.
  • Take short videos from people who saw your act to get customer testimonials that you can use on YouTube and your site.

Thanks for reading the article, what do you think?

The biggest thing to take away from this article is that thinking outside the box is easier than might realize.

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